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6 Things you didn’t know about Mount Abu

Mount Abu is Rajasthan

Mount Abu is Rajasthan’s only hill station which sits among dense forests on the state’s highest mountain. Unlike most other places in the state, Mount Abu has a constant flow of tourists and travellers from all over the world, all throughout the year.

Some of the interesting things to which this place is famous for:

1. Mount Abu appeals to all kinds of travellers

Be it ardent travellers, families, youngsters or couples, Mt. Abu is thronged by all. Mt. Abu has different mood in this season (Jun-Jul), clouds come to your balcony to talk with you. Everything looks fresh and washed, trees, mountains, even small stones. 


2. It is a shopping paradise

Mount Abu is one of the finest places to buy jewellery, metal crafts, marble art, sandalwood, Kota saris, bangles and linen with Sanganeri prints, light weight Jaipur quilt among others“Helping locals. Touring, Shopping and other attractions manage your day off well.”

3. Mt. Abu is known as ‘an oasis of the desert’

Enchanting as it is, its heights are home to rivers, lakes, waterfalls and evergreen forests after acres and acres of desert.  “There are few places like Nakki Lake main market and gurushikhar which is also above mt. abu so it is good place to visit.”


4. The first ever Rajput was born in Mt. Abu

According to a legend, sage Vasishta performed a great yajna at the peak of Mount Abu, to seek from the gods a provision for the defense of righteousness on earth. Hence rose the first of its kind, a Rajput warrior. The crazy igneous rocks of the Aravallis are very impressive.”

5. It is the original abode of the famous Gurjar Samaj

Mount Abu is a great tourist place, everybody must visit once. Nakki Lake, Guru shikhar, Toad rock, Delwara temple and sunset point is worth watching.”

6. Mount Abu is the global headquarter of Brahama Kumaris

In Mt. Abu, the faith community of Brahma Kumaris has its spiritual headquarters, which are represented by its own account in 85 countries. It’s an oasis in the dry mountains of Aravali. Unlike other hill stations it’s quiet, peaceful and calm.”


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