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In term of political geography, Afghanistan is situated in the central Asian region surrounded by six other countries technically seven if you consider Jammu &Kashmir region part of India. Afghanistan it is seems like a big amorphous blob in the middle of nowhere but then when you look at the north east you start to see the long narrow stretch of land that kind of reaches out in to the Hindu Kush mountain range. You might ask yourself why does Afghanistan have long panhandle and the reason why is called technically because England and Russia to back of 1800 the British and Russia and the Russian were competing against each other to see could a mass the largest global empire in term of colonization and influence Russia took over what are now known as many of the central Asian countries as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan while the British took over many of the salvation region such as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Now when it’s come to Afghanistan the things is really difficult because the Afghani people did not want to be taken over it was also really crucial point in the map. Essentially that was the area where British and Russian empire has got really close to each other, eventually British kind of took over at the end of 19th century much to the reluctance of the afghan ease however they still have distinguish the border between Afghanistan and the rest of the other nation in the empire. When I get in to Pakistan or back then British India the British decided to use the Durand line. What came to the Russian empire they decide to the use pans and Paula Mera River and other things is when both the empire’s do this lines technically didn’t touch each other in the northeast and left a huge long a no buffer zone which is now today wahan cord.Afghanistan-mela

Famous attraction

Khyber Pass

It is the northern pass between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Twenty mile path across the Safed koh mountain significance of Khyber Pass trade route that bridges between central and south East Asian. Strategic military pass movement of thousands of people.


JamaMasjid of Heret

It is the one of the oldest mosque in Afghanistan; it is situated northwest province of Afghanistan, town of heret and known by many names like great mosque of heret, some people call Masjid-i-Jami.

Qargha Reservoir

It is situated in the town of Qargha near Kabul city in Afghanistan. On the lake of Qargha and it is come in the famous city of Afghanistan. And it is the famous tourist attraction. Qargha-Reservoir-In-Afghanistan-COVER1

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