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AGRA CITY is a very famous city among the tourists who loves monuments and exploring them. The best time to visit Agra is September to February  weather in this time period is pleasant. Tourists from different places visit agra for the monuments which were built at the time of Mughals. One of of the most beautiful monument TAJ MAHAL wonders of the world was built by the Shah Jahan which denotes Shah Jahan and Mumtaz love story and this monument was built in the remembrance of Mumtaz . Agra city is also known for the handicrafts and handmade footwear tourists love to shop from this city. This city is also known as the city of gold. This city is one of the heritage sites in India. This city is the place where Mughal emperors use to live.

agra-market                                                                      AGRA MARKET PLACE

Market place of this city is always full with the tourists. Tourists love to shop from the maket place of agra city.

Fatehpur_Sikri_-_La_Mosquee_010                                                                                 FATEHPUR SIKRI

This a monument near agra city which is known as Fatehpur Sikri and the city in which this monument was made is known as Fatehabad which denotes the sign of victory. It was built at the time of Akbar and the construction of this monument was continued for 15 years.

I have visited to agra 5 times in my life but the best time when I approached to trihealer team they arranged everything according to me and the trip was so awesome and full of joy.
The Taj mahal                                                                                   THE TAJ MAHAL

The monument which attracts the tourists to visit Agra it is one of the wonder in Seven Wonders of the World. This place is the best known place where every tourist visit and want to visit again and again. i am sure you love this city most.

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