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Rajasthan is a beautiful place for more than one reason. Everything from the forts and the hospitality to the rural food and the culture is a revelation in itself. Here’s how you can get the true taste of this vibrant culture!

1.Unravel the mystery at the haunted Bhangarh Fort, Alwar

According to urban legends, the entire village was cursed by a wizard who had fallen in love and was shunned by the princess of Bhangarh.
TRIPHEALER Traveller Shivam Gupta: “Said to be one of the most haunted places in the world, these are the ruins of a whole town. Entry is prohibited before sunrise and after sunset.”


2. Taste the legendary village food near the border

Dal bati, gatte ki sabzi and other spicy and delectable dishes await you with generous chunks of rotis dabbled in pure ghee near the border villages of Jaisalmer. Do you have the courage to say no to this?

3. A hot air balloon ride in Ranthambore

Float over the grand forts and scattered villages of Rajasthan in a hot air balloon and capture the true essence of the place from a vantage point.
TRIPHEALER traveller Mir: “Watching the sunset from the balloon is an exotic experience.”


4. Know why Kuldhara is abandoned

Know the intriguing tale behind the abandonment of this village by its residents.

TRIPHEALER traveller Santosh: “The deserted village of Kuldhara is situated around 30 km from Jaisalmer. We visited there by taking deviation to the right, on our journey to the Sam Sand Dunes. The ruins are scattered over a vast area. A visit to Kuldhara won’t take too much of your time, as you can combine it with the evening trip from Jaisalmer to the sand dunes. The visit is worthy for usual travellers as well as historians.”

5. Cleanse your soul with divine local music

Go on a journey to the soulful beyond with the raw flavor and the magical notes of Rajasthan folk music guiding you! Experience a high that will pale everything else in comparison.
The villages of Rajasthan have a lot more than haunting anecdotes and yummy food to offer

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