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AMRITSAR (PLACE REMEMBERS THE TIME OF INDEPENDENCE)                           Golden Temple Amritsar

AMRITSAR CITY is the only place which is situated or touched with the Pakistan border named as wagah border where tourist go and watch the parade there. Indian tourist visit Amritsar to watch the parade as well as foreign tourists also come here for the parade. Amritsar city is the place in which many ancient monuments are there when Britishers were ruling like Jallianwala Bagh Amritsar famous gurudwara Golden Temple which is famous among all the tourists. It’s not only a tourist place but there many other activities like, carpets and fabrics, farm produce, handicrafts, service trades.

The  city is basically famous  for the food and culture. There is a sports complex named as Gandhi ground complex which is maintained by Amritsar Games Association. AMRITSAR (PLACE REMEMBERS THE TIME OF INDEPENDENCE)

                                    Wagah Border Ceremony

I have been there twice and it was so good feeling when we reached at the wagah border parade in the evening lots of crowd was there at the border and they are were enjoying like anything our guide helped us in all the arrangements like tickets and seats . People of Amritsar city are so helpful and the place is full of food which famous in other cities some people specially travel to Amritsar for the variety of food and the dishes there.AMRITSAR (PLACE REMEMBERS THE TIME OF INDEPENDENCE)

                           JALLIANWALA BAGH

This place is known as a public garden but it remembers the cruel part of the Britishers when they were ruling it shows how much Indians has suffered and when the British tourist visit at this place they were welcomed by the Indians. There is wall in which bullets are embossed in the wall when the Britishers shouted all the Sikhs in the garden at one time.

The golden temple which situated in the Amritsar tourist come here and worship for their family and spouse. This gurudwar was built in 1604 august. This gurudwara is made up of gold and daily people of Amritsar clean it with the milk on the daily basis

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