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BAPL (Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited )

The Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited

The Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited  stands out as one of the largest companies from then state of West Bengal which focuses on infrastructure development. There is a considerable requirement for industrial development in the state of West Bengal and the project aims to change the entire socio- economic scenario. Conceptualized by a group of Indian and foreign  investors, the project will certainly epitomize the way the airline industry has been ever run in the state of West Bengal. Currently, the company is also undertaking another infrastructure development project in the Ludhiana region of Punjab.

The concept of Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited  development is quite new in India where an adjoining airport city comes in with a variety of facilities and amenities.  The Andal area lies in a central position between Asansol and Durgapur and the project has been planned accordingly.  The Sujaalam skycity is currently being built in the Andal region which comes with some of the most high end infrastructural benefits. A township of very high standard has been planned in the region where construction for both residential and commercial purposes is proceeding.  Some of the facilities which have been planned in the  Sujaalam skycity are entertainment centre, retail centre, information technology hub, restaurants, shopping complexes etc.


Overall, it is a very well planned city by (BAPL)Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited   where the cumulative effect of having an airport nearby comes into play quite prominently. The passengers coming in can stay in the city and also fly as per their convenience. As the Andal airport has already started to operate flights, work is going on to call up two more private airlines to join the  fleet out here. This will make flying from Andal  easier and more passengers can reach their destinations with the flights.
As the Managing Director of the firm (BAPL)Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited , Partha Ghosh has taken the company forward a long way and played a pivotal role in its success. Over the years, (BAPL)Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited  has earned the reputation of being one of the frontrunners as far as aerotropolis development in West Bengal is concerned.

The trend of an aerotropolis city in the state of West Bengal will set the stage higher for the overall progress of the state. This will certainly create new opportunities for employment and make the state prosper. It is quite necessary that the socio economic stature of the state improves further and it sets a distinct example for the rest of the country.


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