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Bizarre and Beautiful Places in Europe Hidden From the Public Eye

5 Bizarre and Beautiful Places in Europe Hidden From the Public Eye


1. Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst

Consisting of an insane 712 caves spread over an area of 138,000 acres, the caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are situated along the border of Slovakia and Hungary. The cave system is very crucial in knowing about some unique creatures that inhabit them and how they have evolved.

Bizarre and Beautiful Places

2. Seljalandsfoss Falls, Iceland

Scenery you only imagine in games and fantasy movies is the reality of this place. The ever so beautiful waterfall drops on the exact opening of a beautiful cave. You can enter the cave and watch the sunset through the curtain of water falling in front of you! In winters, the falls freeze at times, giving the entire landscape a painting vibe.

Bizarre and Beautiful Places

3. Vatnajokull Glacier

Not too far off from a place where Aliens would live if they came to earth, the Vatnajokull is the largest ice cap in Iceland and is known for the unimaginably beautiful blue ice caves that will make you think you’re on a different planet. There are organized cave tours so you needn’t worry about not being able to enjoy them.

Bizarre and Beautiful Places

4. Melissani Cave

Imagine a cave full of crystal clear blue water, a red and green ceiling and an opening through which sunlight enters, creating beautiful patterns on the water. Now imagine it being completely accessible yet hidden from the majority of tourists. Yes, that’s Melissani caves for you.

Bizarre and Beautiful Places

5. Falkensteiner Cave

What’s awesome about this cave is the fact that it is an active water cave and a river flows through it! The cave gets filled with water in case of heavy rains and only experienced cave divers can access it then.

Bizarre and Beautiful Places

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