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British travellers take these favourite foods with them when they go on holidays

When you’re abroad, do you yearn for a good squeeze of ketchup on your paella, or gravy on your chips You’re not alone. In a survey conducted for Barclay card, Brits revealed their favourite foods  to take on holiday.

The survey, taken by 1232 people, showed that 11% of Brits are scared that they won’t like the local food when they go away.

So what exactly are they bringing to help them through until they get home and back to ‘British’ food?

tomato ketchup

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The top three foods are well established at blocking out the flavour of whatever you put them on – tomato ketchup, vinegar and Marmite.


Food historian Seren Evans-Charrington, says: “tucking into local dishes should be part of the holiday experience, but for many Brits sticking to what they know is the preferred option because it gives them a sense of comfort: making them feel ‘at home’ whilst abroad.”

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