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Cape Verde things to do

Cape Verde is situated on west coast of Africa from 400 nautical miles from Senegal. Cape Verde has several most part. The Macronesia is eco region and an aero shaped archipelago that is realm of westernizes country.  Where the people are most educated and richer other than anywhere in continent. Having 10 island split in to two separate group the upper Barlavanto island,(santo Antao, Santa Luzia, Sao Vicente, , Sao Nicolau, Sal, and Boa Vista) and lowest islands (Maio, Satiago, Brava, and Fogo). The island split in to 22 municpalities. It was discovered by Genoese and Portuguese navigator around 1456. Cape Verde population around 525 thousand.


Hiking ribeira grande,

Hiking ribeira grande to fountain is really cool. Have you ever seen the photos of Bhutan? Where the houses clinched to the mountain. You have scenery similar like it.

Blu bar santa maria

In blu bar you will get fantastic welcome on here with live music and friendly staff. Once you visit here you always want to get in here. There is nowhere else place like in this island.

Kite surfing school

Surf zone describe itself as Cape Verde largest kite Surfing. Wind surfing and surf school, but they do know, what they are doing.

Glass Bottom Trimaran2

Submarine tour

There are actually two submarines on the Sal Island, the main resort island. Both are closely tied in to tour agent and hotel, you will find hard to book them direct except by telephone. This all keep their high price like (30$ or more each).

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