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Cherrapunj                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Cherrapunj

The beautiful place of Meghalaya’’Cherrapunj’’ or another name ‘’Sohra’’ is situated on the east khasi hills which are at the Meghalaya. The place is considered amongst the wettest place ever on earth. Shillong is the sates capital which is just 50km from cherrapunj. This place is also said to be ‘’The Land of Oranges’’. The best time to visit this place is throughout the years except June and July. One the very famous food of cherrapunj is recommended to taste once which is pork rice. The locals of this place is said to be Khasis. The place is also very popular as this place holds the record of having the most rainfall during a year.

Very famous places to visit in Cherrapunj are:-

Seven Sisters Falls                                                                                                                                                                                                   Seven Sisters Falls

These very famous and popular hills are just 1km to the south of Mawsmai village which is in the east side of khasi hills at Meghalaya. This place is also very popular amongst its tourist as it is the fourth highest waterfall in India. Another name of this place is Nohsngithiang falls. The specialty of these hills which attracts the tourist from all over the world is that they form a seven segment waterfall that falls from the top of the khasi hills. This place is best to explore during a rainy season. This place is highly recomende4d to visit as it is the beauty which will take your heart away.

Living Root Bridge                                                                                                                                                                                                  Living Root Bridge

This type of bridges is mostly used in the southern part of Meghalaya’s. These single or double decker bridges are considered to be the unique bridges in the world. These bridges are made up of from massive roots which can hold number of people on to it at a same time. The very famous and the longest bridge of this type  of 50 meters in length which is near Khasi. These types of bridges also attracts tourist to this place.

Thangkharang Park                                                                                                                                                                                               Thangkharang Park

This famous park is situated just 12 km from Cherrapunj and which the most visited park amongst the tourist. This park is near the Khoh Ramhaah Rock which offers a view to Bangladesh and kynrem falls. The park also has two points that allows a great view to Khoh Ramhaah and the Pillar rocks. Which is also the very famous place spot and the place is must to visit.

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