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India got independence 15august 1947 from the British rule. After independence we got our fundamental rights in our own nation, our mother land we should feel proud to be an Indian and admire our fortune that we took birth on the land of an independent India history of slave india reveal evry thing that how are ancestor and forefather had worked hard and suffered all brutal behavior of British rule it took sacrifice of lives of freedom fighter and several decades of struggle from 1857 to 1957. Indian soldiers in British force named mangle pandey had raised first voice against britishers for the indepence of india.


Later several greater freedoms had struggle and spent their whole life only for getting freedom. We can never forget the sacrifice of bhagat singh,khudi ram boss, and Chandra shekhar azad. Who had lost their live in early age for their country? Ghandhiji was a great indian personalities who taught us about the nonviolence and he was the one and only person who lead India to get freedom with the help of non-voilence. Finally the result came on 15 august 1947. When  India got freedom.


We are so lucky that our forefather give us land of peach where we can sleep without fear whole night and enjoy whole day on our land. Our country is developing very fast in the field of technology,education,sport finance and various other field Which were almost impossible before freedom.


India is also one of those countries having a nuclear power. As being responsible citizen of the country. We should be always ready for handle our situation. Independence Day, which is observed annually on the 15th of August, is a national holiday commemorating the nation’s independence from British rule. Thus it was on the 15th of August, 1947 when India finally set herself free and declared herself as a sovereign country. From then onwards this day hold a special significance in every Indian’s life. On this day every corner of India adorns herself with tricolors and parades. Special national programs and gatherings are also observed. Browse to know more about the day and what are the events that are exclusively related to this day

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