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Incredibly Useful Tips for Solo Travellers

7 Incredibly Useful Tips for Solo Travellers

1. Plan it

It is very vital to know where you are planning to travel. The importance of the place, places to visit, cuisine, weather, do’s and don’ts, how safe it is and etc. Some need your flight tickets and accommodation information before issuing your VISA. So, it is advisable to book your tickets and sort out your accommodation first.

Useful Tips

2. Be social

Social media is a great way to keep your friends and family updated. A picture uploaded once a day reassures them that you’re fine and tells about your whereabouts. Also, adding your new friends on Facebook and Instagram made during travels is a great way to keep in touch.

Useful Tips

3. Make Copies

Keep a digital copy of your passport and other important documents in emails. Also, taking the photos of your passport and important documents is a good decision.

4. Keep your phone charged

When travelling solo, it is important to keep your phone charged all the time to check the routes, to connect to people in case of emergency, to click pictures etc. So, it is important to carry a power bank with you to avoid draining your battery.

5. Dress up

What you wear during travels is one of the easiest ways to attract wrong people, so it is very important to dress like a local. This helps in safer travel experiences and does not make you look like an obvious tourist. If you look like a tourist, chances of you becoming a target for pickpockets are high.

Useful Tips

6. Watch the world around you

Take the time to observe the people how they interact, and how they work. While sitting at a sidewalk cafe, on a park bench, or just killing time you can learn how to use public transit, whether to pay your bill at your table or at the counter, how to tip or how to hail a cab and much more.

Useful Tips

7. Always have the essentials

Always carry the essentials with you when you head out for the day. Have the name of the place you’re staying on a piece of paper in the local language. Always have a copy of your emergency contacts and your documents with you.

Useful Tips

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