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Istanbul, the modern city

Istanbul, the modern cityIstanbul

Istanbul is very awesome place to travelling. 8 million visitor every year. It connects two continents, Europe and Asia. Istanbul gives you a beautiful experience as it offers a modern European city, also it provide you to ancient culture. It has been considered the capital city of both Muslim and Christian empire, called as Constantinople. And it is the crucial city of Christian world for more than 1000years. During the time of Ottoman Empire the city called as Istanbul. Turkey busiest and biggest place is Istanbul. Istanbul has vast number of costly apartment, boutiques, elegant cafes, bosphorous villas situated diametrical with the coastline is the most expensive house over here. traveller who want to visit in Istanbul, the most beautiful and attractive place are the historical center like Sultanahmet mosque, Topkapi place, hagia Sophia, Dolmabahce place. Istanbul has various kind of buildings and mosque from the ottomans. The most popular from all the mosque are suleymaniye and sultan ahmet (Blue mosque) which was the home of the ottoman sultan.WeatherWeather

January and February are the most coldest month of the year the temperature fall down, can go low as 8°C and the average temperature in these time is 7°C. June, July, august is the hottest month average temperature in these days is 30°C.probably it goes over 40°C for couple of days.

Place to visit in Istanbul

Taksim                                               Taksim

Taksim square is situated end of istiklal caddesi on the northern side. It is considered in a business area also it is the shelter of many restaurants and bars. And its offer you relaxing atmosphere away from the busy life of Istanbul.

Topkapi palaceTopkapi palace

Topkapi palace, situated in Istanbul sarayburnu, it was built in 1478 by faith sultan mehmet it was the home of ottoman sultans. it was the shelter of 4000 people.

The palace was about to build on 700 acres of land, it currently occupies 80 acres.



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