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Kausani                                                                                                     Kausani

Kausani is another beautiful city of Uttranchal with lots of beautiful scenarios and hills and this city is famous for the flowers and gardens. There are lots of places in this place for tracking and some other sports. This place is famous for its beauty and peaceful environment. it is just 149.5 kms away from nainatal just 4 hours drive from nainital. Family visit here for the beautiful and peaceful environment over there.

BINSAR MUKTESHWAR                                                                   BINSAR MUKTESHWAR

Binsar mukteshwar is a jungle situated near nainital where torurist visit for the sports like rock climbing, trekking, exploring tea gardens etc. This place is famous for its oak and pine trees which people love to watch. Tourists who all love nature they explore this place deeply.

People visit kausani for their relaxation and adventure.

KAUSANI TOWN                                                                                     KAUSANI TOWN

This place is inclusive of all the things which attracts the tourists towards it. This place consists moonless night for which travel there and enjoy the night this place is full of enjoyment and adventure. Tourist visiting this place love exploring tea gardens in kausani for which this place is so famous among them. Tourist always visit this place for its tea gardens, beauty, adventure ect. Street food of kausani is very famous among all the hill stations. the weather always remains pleasant and cool. Best time to visit kausani is april to june.

This hill station is a very small place but it includes all the things to attract the tourists . I went there last month and I purchased a package from and their worked hard to make it best for me and they did it. It was an excellent experience in kausani.


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