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New York City (World’s best place for New Year’s Eve)

New York City

new york                                                                                                        New York City

This place is is situated on the northeastern united states. The city of New York City is considered amongst the fourth most populous and among the seventh most populated state under U.S.The state of U.S New York’ experiences a climate which is humid . The language spoken by the people of New York is English but most commonly used by them is the American English. This place offers a heart taking view to its visitors. And its tourist enjoys the scenic view of New York City.

Some of the very well-known and interesting places of New York City states to have a look at­:-

Central park                                                                                            Central park

This place has now become the most visited place in the world as there are more than 40 million visitors visiting this place at 2013.

This park is one of the very famous park as many Bollywood as well as Hollywood movies are filmed  in this place this place is full of fun as there are lakes, theater, tennis courts and many more things to have a great time Another very famous place.

Statue of liberty                                                                                    Statue of liberty

The very well-known and very famous statue which is known throughout the world ‘THE STATUE OF LIBERTY’. Is the heart of New York.This statue is the symbol of true friendship which was gifted to United States by France on October 28 1886. This statue is considered to be the symbol of freedom and democracy. Now the torch was again constructed but this time it is made up of 24k gold and this statue is a must to visit place.

Metropolitan Museum of Art                                                            Metropolitan Museum of Art

This museum is in the New York City. The metropolitan museum is counted under one of the biggest museum of United States. Among all the museums of the world this place is the most visited place. The museum is divided into seventeen different departments. The main part of attraction is the special exhibition which is hosted regularly which gives access to the people explore museum more deeply. This place is highly recommended to visit as you visit the city of New York.


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