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Places to visit in Amsterdam city in summer

Amsterdam city capital of Netherlands known as characteristic in art heritage as known as kingdom of Netherlands. Highly complex canal system and having a small width houses with sloped roofs, Characters of that city is cycling it has dedicated bicycle path that are easily identified by the bicycle painted on the road surface.  Amsterdam has population around of 811,000 within the city limits.kingdom of Netherlands                                                                      kingdom of Netherlands

About weather of Amsterdam city in summer when sun is shining, its warm enough to wear a t shirt; in summer time its cold with the wind overall we have got a mild climate but the weather over here is unpredictable. Often when you check your various forecasting services you get several different report of the same day.

Here are some interesting place for the first time visitor:-

Canal of Amsterdam                                                                             Canal of Amsterdam

The famous canal were built during the 17th century to add acres of dry land to the city a boat ride along one of the city’s canal offer visitor a relaxing way to view traditional dutch architecture. Tour operators offer a variety of cruises, ranging from hour-long excursion to candlelight cruises.

Rijksmuseum                                                                                            Rijksmuseum

Occupying the northeastern section of the museum squre, if you love painting then you must surely visit there.every year million tourist visit at that place. currently has around 8,000 object on display the most famous of which are painting by Rembrandt franshals and Johannes vemeer.

4                                                                                     Boloemenmarket

It is Combined with Muntplein and koningsplein on the south bank of the single canal, it is famous market in the world which open once a week flower seller load stand and floating barges with all the flowers and bulb for which the Netherlands is famous.


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