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Places to visit in Chennai | Best attraction places Chennai

Living in a city like Chennai has its perks. However, people need a break from the fast-paced noise surrounding them just so that they can relax and get a breather. there are Best attraction places Chennai in this blog.During times of stress and work taking a toll on oneself, a short getaway to Chennai’s nearby places or some of the places to visit near Chennai is a must. These short holidays at places near Chennai that can be taken over a weekend or during the holiday period are great especially because they lie very close to the city. These places to see near Chennai can be extremely refreshing, making it convenient for you to spend some quality time with friends, family or even yourself. Chennai lying at the coast has a lot of surrounding beaches making it some of the best places to visit near Chennai. However, there are some places that may still be unknown to you and they are a must for a weekend getaway. Anideal place to visit near Chennai for a historically and sacred rich experience would be the Tirumala Hills. It is also one among the severalpicnic spots near Chennai. Also, there are a lot of hotels in Chennai and resorts in Chennai that offers a comfortable and luxurious stay!

List of Best attraction places Chennai:-

For those looking for spiritual weekend getaways in Chennai, Kancheepuram and Mahabalipuram are two locations that are rustic, ancient and abundant in culture.
Mahabalipuram is situated on the famous and scenic East Coast Road and is home to some of the most magnificent and historic temples in South India. These temples are located by the sea and are the perfect place to spend a quiet weekend with close friends and family. There are also some excellent seafood restaurants that are present in the town that can set your taste buds tingling. The town is located just 53 kilometres from Chennai city and can be accessed easily by car or bus. The seaside is also very scenic at Mahabalipuram and could just serve as the perfect weekend with loved ones.

attraction places Chennai

Weekend program in Chennai city

Another one of the more sought after Chennai weekend getaways town is Kancheepuram. Home to some of the finest silk sarees in the world, the silk industry in the town is estimated to be around $19 millon. Kancheepuram is also very famous for some of the most complex architectural temples known to Indians. These temples were built during the Chola dynasty of Tamil Nadu. It is also said to be a city of historical importance to Hindus as Kancheepuram is regarded as one of the SaptaPuri or seven holiest cities in India.
There are also other nice places to see around Chennai that are present within 100 kilometres. There is a surfing village in Covelong as well as the Rajiv Gandhi memorial in Sriperumbudur, apart from ancient temples and architectural buildings of importance in and around the region.

If one is searching for Chennai weekend getaways at a distance of 100 km away, Tirupati is a great place to visit. Situated in the Tirumalla Hills in Andhra Pradesh, the Tirupati temple – located 148 kilometres from Chennai, is one of the most religiously important towns in Hinduism. The TirupatiVenkateswara Temple is a very famous temple that attracts devotees from all over the country. There are also waterfalls and other great traditional sculptures and temples around the city, providing the best weekend break.

attraction places Chennai

Weekend trips around Chennai:-

Another great location for weekend trips around Chennai, is the Srikalahasti Temple that is situated about 122 Km away from the city. Present in Andhra Pradesh, this temple is regarded as one of the most important temples for Lord Shiva, a very significant figure in Hinduism. It is also the place where Goddess Parvati spent many years in penance to serve a curse meted out on her by her husband, Shiva.

Another great weekend getaway from Chennai is Yelagiri, which is located 229 kilometres away from the city. Nestled in between the Western Ghats of south India, Yelagiri is the best location for those looking to trek and spend a nice time in the chilly hillside regions of Tamil Nadu. For those coming from Chennai, the stark difference in temperature and humidity will come as a welcome change. One of the best places to visit during a long weekend, Yelagiri is known as the home of the seven hills and has many lakes, gardens and lush greenery to rejuvenate the mind. Other spots for tourists include the Punganoor Artificial Lake and Park which is a 25-feet deep lake. There are also other places to visit around Chennai such as Jalagamparai Waterfalls, which can be accessed after a good one hour long trek downhill.

attraction places Chennai

Most attraction places Chennai

Another place that is perfect for getaways near Chennai is Chidambaram. Tamil Nadu is known for its rich and diverse cultural background. This is mirrored by the wonderful and historically rich temples around the state. Another important place steeped in the culturally-rich history of Tamil Nadu is Chidambaram. It is located about 228 kilometres from Chennai and is home to Sri Thillai-Natraja Temple that was built during the 12th Century. A great and enriching location if you are looking for getaways from Chennai.

attraction places Chennai

Keeping in line with the architectural wonders that are the temples of Tamil Nadu, for those looking for places around Chennai for a traditional and absolutely soul-filling weekend, Thanjavur is the best location. It is a great place to choose if you are searching for Chennai getaways. Situated 345 kilometres away from the city, Thanjavur is the place where Tamizh culture is richly steeped and intertwined with modern life. It is an important location for South Indian art, architecture, religion and history. Most of the temples present in the town are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites and can leave one breathless with their complex and magnificent presence. It was the home of the medieval Chola Dynasty, which played a very important role in shaping Tamizh culture.
For beach lovers, a nice place for those yearning weekend getaways near Chennai is Nagapattinam, which is 313 kilometres away from the city. Rich in cultural diversity also, Nagapattinam is home to the NagoreDurgah, a place of worship for Muslims, the Basilica of our Lady of Good Health for Christians and also the Kayarohanaswami Temple for Hindus. It serves as an excellent location for a weekend trip from Chennai and can rejuvenate the mind and soul after a very hectic weekend in the city hustle and bustle.

Chennai being a city with culturally rich roots and being places in the middle of the British colonialism as a garrison has always served as an important branch in educational and economic matters. Being a busy city with many things to do, a few getaways now and again are ideal for locals from Chennai. attraction places Chennai is so peaceful


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